About Us

Save The Destitute foundation is a non profit organisation,  Our main focus is poverty alleviation and addressing inequality through Education and Skills Development.  The main aim is to end inequality and help the needy in any way possible.  We have started 2 Projects which will run concurrently,  The first project is to identifying children who are failing to go to Universities  due to their circumstances, lack of information and lack of funds,  The second project is to run inter schools competitions for students to compete for top achiever,  in so doing we have seen children being motivated as well as teachers because they  want to see their schools on a list of winners.

In the past 8 years we have been seeing young girls looking for Domestic work, we decided to find reasons behind this spark in girls not continuing with their studies, we discovered a lot of barriers which need collaboration to address. The first problem is the requirement of non refundable application fees for admission, a lot of girls leave school because they are from poor families and can not afford to pay whatever a fee may be, most universities charge R80 to R200, this amount seems very little but its is a very big barrier to many. For this reason we started a campaign to witness first hand information from girls affected. It overwhelmed us to see more than 60 candidates within a week who indicated they could not go to universities due to lack of application fee for admission. Others do not even know how can they get to university but their matric results qualifies them for admission, these findings revealed the need for intervention, awareness and support for less fortunate. For this reason we have started a Project Recoup our lost graduate which aims at assisting less fortunate children to gain access to universities by giving them information, motivating them and helping them with application fees for admission and guiding them to apply for funding from various sources.

For those who do not qualify for further education, We want to set up workshops where they will be trained in Motor vehicle Mechanic, Electrical Maintenance, Building Construction, Panel beating and Painting, After training the graduates will be given tools to start their own small businesses. In so doing we believe there will be less destitute people and as time goes there will be none.

We acknowledge the fact that government is doing enough to help children when it comes to schooling, but there are those who do not know where to go or who to approach in order to acquire funding for their Education. In all these years when I see someone begging, I was of a view that he/she is lazy, until I met the young girl who was looking for Domestic work which my wife advertised, I was shocked with her story and since then I have changed my perception about people who are destitute. The Girl had a very good matric pass with admission to study Bachelors Degree, but she did not have parents to take care of her and her young brother so she opted to look for a Job in order to look after her sibling, I asked her about Social Grant, she said her late Mother's sister was receiving and eating, then she went to SASSA to enquire but SASSA opted to cancel the Grant altogether instead of changing recipient into the sisters name. I asked her if she new anything called NSFAS? she does not have any Idea. That was the reason I decided to embark on scouting for children like herself so that they should not end up being destitute in future.
We therefore call upon individuals, private companies, Government to come on board to support this initiative. we are hoping to produce lawyers, Professors and doctors from this project so let us work together to achieve this.